02 May 2011

ConMed Vaccines and Homeopathic Immunisation

Neither conmed vaccine nor homeopathic immunisation guarantees 100% protection.


Vaccines Ingredients

Epidemic of vaccine suspensions worldwide, as adverse reactions flood in from around the world

Vaccine Adverse Effects mentioned in the information sheet provided by vaccine manufacturers

Vaccine Injury/Damage
The floodgates are now open
USA: 'Vaccine Court' awards compensation against ConMed 'vaccine injury' Vaccine Injury Table
UK: Vaccine Damage Payment: Compensation if disability is 60% or more. That means both ears must gone deaf to get compensation.
Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme
Vaccine Damage Payment between 2000-2010
Total Vaccine Damage Payment in UK
Vaccine Injury Table, USA

All ConMed vaccines are scheduled-2 poisons, says FDA.

Physicans are required to give warranty of conmed vaccines

If you are concerned if your vaccine is genetically modified, check this.

No vaccine has ever been tested against randomised placebo controlled trial


Influenza Vaccine
Ingredients of Influenza vaccine

Flu vaccine is prepared from influenza virus of chicken egg. Contains 25 mcg mercury + formaldehyde + surfactant

There is no value in any influenza vaccine, says cochrane collaboration study

"There's no evidence that any flu vacine so far developed is effective in preventing/mitigating any attack of influenza":
-Dr.Morris (formerly CVC, FDA, USA)

MMR Vaccine
Adverse Effects from MMR Vaccine

Dr. Andrew Wakefield response on non-working of conmed MMR vaccine Measles Outbreak in South Wales, UK, 2013

Family win 18 year fight over MMR damage to son: £90,000 payout is first since concerns over vaccine surfaced

Listen to 13 songs dedicated to vaccinations
Exactly who is anti-vaccine


Needle-free oral homeopathic immunisation: Safe + Reliable

Nosodes as homeopathic immunisation


Homeopathic Immunisation Schedule

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Bengla Allen Medical Institute:

Dr. Raman:

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